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Rental Items

Not all rentals are available at every location. Please call your local Westside Concrete to confirm what they have on hand.

Soffcut Saws

Soffcut and Diamond blades are Separate Purchases

Husqvarna X-150

For those Smaller jobs that require only a few hundred feet of Early Entry cutting, this is the go to saw. A non self propelled unit, can be handled by a single individual. Comes with a dust port to keep you OSHA compliant.

Husqvarna X-2000

A larger, heavier saw, capable of keeping up on a larger scale pour. The 10" blade will cut down to 1.5". This machine is self propelled and is equipped with a dust port to keep you OSHA Compliant

Husqvarna FS400

The FS400 is an everyday workers saw capable of making short work of next day cutting. The wet system on board keeps dust down, and with the capability to use up to an 18" blade, this beast can cut up to 6.5" deep.

Finishing Equipment

Walk behind trowels can be equipped with either combo blades, or finish blades and float shoes. 

Ride on Trowels can be equipped with finish blades and pans or combo blades

Allen 46" Walk Behind
Allen 36" Walk Behind
Allen MSP445 Rider

Polishing/Prep Equipment

Husvarna PG280 220V

Rental Items Subject to Availability

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